Semi Permanent Eyebrow Microblading

By Amy Pariser


Welcome to iBrowink Boutique, a private Microblading studio based in Peacehaven, East Sussex.


Microblading falls under the semi permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing spectrum, and is a procedure carried out to enhance or restore a persons eyebrows. It helps to improve or create eyebrow definition, cover gaps of lost hair, extend the eyebrows, or fully reconstruct the brows where they have little/no hair. Sparse or missing brows can be completely restored.

The Microblading procedure is carried out using a manual hand tool, with specially designed sterile microblades, which deposit semi-permanent pigment under the epidermis of the skin. Unlike a machine, using the hand held microblade means the colour is deposited closer to the surface, leaving crisp, thin and realistic hair strokes, creating the most beautiful natural looking brows.

Together, at our Microblading East Sussex Studio, we design a brow which is totally bespoke to you. Each stroke is applied individually, allowing control of the shape, colour and density of the brows.

This procedure is carried out at a private home based Mircoblading studio, located within Peacehaven East Sussex. 

"I believe Microblading is an artistic process undertaken together, where we create beautifully individual and natural looking brows" 

- Amy

Microblading is the hottest trend in the beauty industry at the moment and this is because it is suitable to so many people for a different variety of reasons.

Are you lacking in brow definition?
Do you want to change your brow shape?
Do you have thin, sparse or missing brows that are lowering your confidence?
Do you want to add density and thickness to you brows?

If yes.... then Microblading could be for you!

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