How long does the procedure take? 

The procedure is split into 2 appointments, which are approximately 4-6 weeks apart to allow for the healing process to complete. The initial procedure will take approximately 2.5 / 3 hours. For the second appointment, 2 hours are set aside however the top up is often completed more quickly than this. Very occasionally a person will require a 3rd top up, this is dependent upon the individual and their skin and cannot be predetermined- usually 2 appointments are sufficient however.  

Does the Microblading procedure hurt? 

Every precaution is taken to ensure the micro-pigmentation procedure is as pain free as possible. Some clients may experience some discomfort, however the majority of clients report no discomfort at all. The hair strokes are done one at a time so any discomfort or scratching sensation, if felt, is very short lived and bearable. 

Does it hurt afterwards? 

There is very little downtime with this procedure. The area can be a little sore for the first few hours and slightly tender if touched for a couple of days. Many people experience no discomfort however.

What will my eyebrows look like immediately after the microblading procedure? 

Your brows will be ready to go. Some people may experience a little swelling, redness or tenderness on/around the eyebrow area however this is all very normal. The eyebrows will be darker for the first week or two, up to 30-50% darker in fact, before they begin to fade out to a softer and more true colour. Slight itching, scabbing and flaking may occur during the healing process- this is all very normal and expected.

How long is the recovery /healing time? 

You do not have to hide away from everyone until your brows are healed. Initially, your brows will be stronger in colour, and will soften to a natural looking and beautiful colour in the first few weeks. We allow 4-6 weeks for the brows to fully heal. During this time slight scabbing may occur. It is important to let these scabs fall off in their own time. This is because they may contain pigment and it is important not to remove pigment from the skin too prematurely. Aftercare instructions will however be discussed /provided. Whilst healing, the pigment colour may then seem to disappear which can cause a patchy type appearance. Do not panic, this is all part of the healing process and very normal. The colour will slowly return but this is one reason why a 4-6 week top up is essential.

When will I see the final results? 

A noticeable difference will be apparent immediately after the procedure. The final results will be seen after the healing process is fully completed as this is when the true colour shows. We allow 4-6 weeks for the brows to fully heal. Remember however, the 4-6 week top up is necessary and the very final result will be seen once the brows have healed from this top up. Without this, the brows are only half complete. 

How long does the microblading procedure last? 

This varies from person to person and is influenced by individual skin types and personal lifestyles. Factors such as sun exposure, oily skin types and certain skincare products can also speed up the fading process. On average, pigment can start to fade anywhere between 6 months-12months however some skins retain the pigment better than others. As such it is not possible to guarantee how long your results will last. An annual colour boost is recommended every 12 months after your initial microblading procedure to keep your brows optimal. Some choose for 6 monthly colour boosts depending on their retention. 

Do I need a patch test? 

Yes, all clients need a patch test at least 24-48 hours before the procedure. This is usually completed at the initial consultation which is complimentary.

What types of pigments do you use? 

Biotouch Pure Pigments- These Pure Line Pigments are rigorously tested to meet EU regulations, giving you the confidence and assurance that you are receiving treatments using products made with the very best ingredients. Pure Line Pigments contain the safest levels for sterility, heavy metals and aromatic amines.

How is a colour chosen? 

Small amounts of different coloured pigments are applied to the skin near the eyebrow area and together the best match is selected. Feel free to bring your eyebrow makeup with you as this can assist the colour match process. This selection process will take into account skin tone, features and personal preference. As a qualified technician, training has been provided on colour theory, pigment colour formulations and skin undertone and the ways in which these factors can determine overall colour pigmentation.

How is a shape for my eyebrows chosen? 

On the day of the procedure, the brows are measured out and designed, taking into consideration symmetry and position. They are then checked by you to ensure you are happy. The procedure will only take place once both parties are satisfied with the brow shape. Though our faces are not perfectly symmetrical, every effort is made to create as much symmetry as possible.

What if I don’t like it? 

Remember, the shape and colour are agreed by you before the procedure takes place. Throughout the process we continually check the brows and add more strokes as and where needed. Although the procedure is considered semi-permanent, these procedures do have flexibility in changing colour and shape to some extent. Please also refer to the 4-6 week top up information. In addition, colours appear much darker immediately following the procedure but soften and lighten during the healing process. Microblading is semi permanent and therefore the brows will gradually soften and naturally fade out, this is why colour boosts are recommended. If left, the brows will gradually disappear softly over time.

What is the age limit? 

You must be 18 years of age or over to have this procedure. Ibrowink Boutique cannot perform this procedure on anyone under the age of 18, even with consent.

Can I have this procedure if i am pregnant or breastfeeding? 

Due to limited medical and scientific research, unfortunately this procedure is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding/nursing.

Is iBrowink Boutique easily accessible via public transport and is there parking? 

iBrowink Boutique is based in Peacehaven, East Sussex and is within a 5 minute walking distance from the bus stop. Bus numbers 12, 12x, 12a will take you to the nearest bus stop at Seaview Avenue. The full address will be provided at the point of booking. A train station is within the nearby next town and local taxi numbers can be provided if required. iBrowink Boutique is located in a private home studio. Free of charge, on street parking is available.