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A Microblading Course for any technican wanting to improve and better themselves and the service they provide.

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We’re so excited to be offering this opportunity to win access to a Microblading course full of tips and tricks from an expert Technician with years of experience. 

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Messages and reviews from others who have purchased and taken the course:

“I recently purchased Amy’s module on Microblading. I am so glad I did! The tips I picked up were invaluable. It’s helped me understand where I have been going wrong with my work and since watching it my healed results have been so much better! It’s so extensive. She really goes through everything thoroughly. I highly recommend this course. It’s perfect for either new technicians who need more information and help or experienced techs who have lost their way and need to home in on their practice. You won’t be disappointed.”

Elizabeth Healy.

“This has been an absolute God send for me. Amy explains things so clearly and straight forward. I’m level 4 vtct trained but my training wasn’t the best and I had lost a lot of confidence. This manual has taught me so much. Not expensive at all considering the level of training you receive. My best investment of 2021. Thank you Amy xx”

Trudie Gale

“I recently purchased an online course from Amy as I am restarting my journey in the
Microblading world. I am blown away with this course. I have learnt so much. I message Amy with questions and she always replies and reassures me. For all you wanting to feel confident and up your game, this course is for you!”

Della Jones

“Amy’s online course is fab! It’s packed full of tips and tricks that only someone with years of experience can teach you. This course has been invaluable to me as I didn’t want to spend thousands on a new course, but I did need help with the little mistakes etc that I was making and someone to refresh things in my head again. I cannot recommend this course enough.

You could be making little mistakes over and over again and getting very frustrated and with Amy’s course she can help you see why certain things are happening and how to fix them.

It’s brilliant! If you are doing microblading I would strongly recommend Amy’s course, her in-depth knowledge is amazing!”

Claire Meeke

“I have just bought Amy’s Blading Bible, I have been Microblading over a year and feel it is so important to keep learning. I wasn’t sure about online learning but I was so impressed with the detail,and some of the tips she gave have changed my work immediately. I cannot thank you enough. Xx”

Jayne Hill

“Amy’s Balding Bible is an absolute must-have. It’s given me so much more confidence in ironing out little mistakes, and more understanding of the theory behind the science of microblading. Each module is clearly presented and with video demonstrations, it’s so much easier to visualise the tips and tricks she shares. Thank you! X”

Jessica Wall

For Microblading Technicians

‘The Blading Bible- Vol 1’

An Advanced Online Microbalding Course

Are you a Microblading Technician? Sign up to recieve my emails and you could be in with a chance of winning FREE access to this beauty of an online course!

It’s 2.5+ hours online, focused to advancing your microbalding skills, largely
aimed at technique, uping your skills and bettering your results, especially your long term results and retention.

It’s crammed full of tips and tricks to better practise, I’ve tried to keep the cost down and pack it with content to try and make the journey easier for techs 😊 x


Course Content and Modules

1. Introduction

2. Blades and Pressure

– Avoiding doubled and frayed strokes
– Choosing the correct diameter
– Blade Misconception
– My go tos – U blade and Shaders

3. Suitable Candidates and Difficult Skin and Achieving the Perfect Depth

– Identifying difficult and problematic skin
– How to work with Mature skin
– How to achieve the perfect heal: Skin type, Pressure, Stretch (Featuring Blading demonstrations)
– The ‘Sweet Spot’ – How to Recognise you are at the Correct Depth
– Advice on Working with Bleeders and Sun Exposed Skin

4. Brow Types and Pre Before the Procedure Including Symmetry Improvement

– Tips for Symmetry improvement
– Advice on Positioning a Brow
– Recongising when Shading is required including a Shading Demonstration
– Advice for Aysymmetrical and Patchy Brows

5. Tips During the Procedure

– Recommendations and Advice Including Tips on the First and Second Pass (Demo Included)

6. Technique, Products and Aftercare

– Position, Pace, Precision
– Blade and Pin Placement Demos
– How to Create Tapered Ends
– Recommended Products and Aftercare

7. Hand, Blade and Body Position

– Hand Position
– Curving a Stroke – dos and donts
– Healed / Long Term Results
– Body Position

8. Patterns and Stroke Placement

– Pattern Tips
– Stroke Dos and Donts

9. My Advice

– Recommendations and Tips to better your PMU journey

What ‘The Blading Bible – Volume 1’ can do for you…

“Thanks chick honestly can’t wait to do my next customer. Had one or two frayed strokes
that’s all and need to practice my tail ladders more thank you so so so much x”

“Amy!! Game changer!! Used the airplaine technique. I still need to work on it but something
changed and that’s thanks to you xx”