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The Blading Bible – Vol.1

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  • How to recognise your blades and how they assist or hinder your practice.
  • Knowing the right blade to pick up, dependent upon the client and skin type you are working on and the style your are trying to achieve.
  • How to recognise skin types and determine who is and who isn’t a suitable candidate.
  • Knowing how to adjust practice for more difficult skin types and therefore being confident to accept a wider clientele including mature clients.
  • Recognising correct depth, and knowing how implant at the right depth.
  • Identifying red flags during your procedure, allowing you to quickly adjust your technique, for better long term results.
  • Being able to complete the procedure without unnecessary added trauma to your clients skin and their skin integrity.
  • Being able to identify the most suited style and pattern to compliment the clients natural brow.
  • Ensuring the finish result blends, reducing contrasts and ensuring realism is achieved.
  • Understanding how to shade and when to apply this.
  • Bettering your symmetry and tips to achieve this throughout your procedure.
  • Managing and setting clients expectations.
  • Recognising poor practice and knowing how to use this, to better yourself.
  • Feeling more confident in being able to give to clients good long term heals, heals which stay true to form, reducing the risks of your strokes blurring, migrating or going patchy.

A full course specifically designed to share Blading tips and tricks to help you improve as a technician.

It’s 2.5+ hours online, focused to advancing your microbalding skills, largely aimed at technique, uping your skills and bettering your results, especially your long term results and retention.

It’s crammed full of tips and tricks to better practise, I’ve tried to keep the cost down and pack it with content to try and make the journey easier for techs 😊 x

Is The Blading Bible right for you?

Do any of the questions below describe you?

If so, then this course is for you.

Are you a newly qualified technician who is just starting out and wants to start off on the right foot?

Are you a qualified tech struggling with retention and good long term healed results?

Are you a technician who is out of practice or has just lost their way?

Have you fallen into bad habits or become complacent and wants to hone in on your practice?

Do you simply want to up your game and better your results, not only for your clients but also for yourself?

Do your long term results give you anxiety? 

Do you often complete a set of brows and feel disheartened at the outcome? 

Do your strokes no longer represent hair strokes at the point of your clients colour boost, instead have they’ve migrated and blurred together? 

Are they even visible…Are your clients returning with zero to little retention? 

If your strokes are retaining, are they healing too thick and fat?

Are your healed strokes inconsistent and healing patchy? 

Do you find some areas haven’t held whilst others areas are a dull dark grey and almost look shadowed underneath? 

Are you struggling to identify the correct depth of your strokes? 

Do you adjust your pressure throughout your procedure? …because you should. 

Are you accepting unsuitable candidates and working against yourself? 

Do you find your more mature clients often heal too dark and migrated? 

Do your strokes and finished results often look unnatural against the clients own brow? 

Do you find your microblading often looks unrealistic when finished? 

Do you struggle to build up the density at times and find clients leave with huge contrasts in their brows?

Are you struggling to know what blade and tool to pick up for each client? 

Do you recognise when you are causing unnecessary trauma? 

Do you struggle with symmetry, especially on brows which are very unsymmetrical to begin with?

Do you recognise the limitations of microblading? 

Have you tried to complete a cover up with microblading and it hasn’t healed or retained as intended? 

Course Modules

1. Introduction

2. Blades and Pressure

– Avoiding doubled and frayed strokes
– Choosing the correct diameter
– Blade Misconception
– My go tos – U blade and Shaders

3. Suitable Candidates and Difficult Skin and Achieving the Perfect Depth

– Identifying difficult and problematic skin
– How to work with Mature skin
– How to achieve the perfect heal: Skin type, Pressure, Stretch (Featuring Blading demonstrations)
– The ‘Sweet Spot’ – How to Recognise you are at the Correct Depth
– Advice on Working with Bleeders and Sun Exposed Skin

4. Brow Types and Pre Before the Procedure Including Symmetry Improvement

– Tips for Symmetry improvement
– Advice on Positioning a Brow
– Recongising when Shading is required including a Shading Demonstration
– Advice for Aysymmetrical and Patchy Brows

5. Tips During the Procedure

– Recommendations and Advice Including Tips on the First and Second Pass (Demo Included)

6. Technique, Products and Aftercare

– Position, Pace, Precision
– Blade and Pin Placement Demos
– How to Create Tapered Ends
– Recommended Products and Aftercare

7. Hand, Blade and Body Position

– Hand Position
– Curving a Stroke – dos and donts
– Healed / Long Term Results
– Body Position

8. Patterns and Stroke Placement

– Pattern Tips
– Stroke Dos and Donts

9. My Advice

– Recommendations and Tips to better your PMU journey


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