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Microblading Before and After by iBrowink Boutique

Microblading/Semi Permanent Eyebrows

New set of brows 

First appointment: £285.00


Second appointment: £95.00

Microblading Colour Boost: £199.00

Additional Shading: £30.00

Microneedling Stomach Before and After by iBrowink Boutique

Ombré / Powder Brows

New set of brows 

First appointment: £285.00

Second appointment: £95.00

Microblading Colour Boost: £199.00 – £220.00

Additional Shading: £30.00

Microneedling Stomach Before and After by iBrowink Boutique


Facial Microneedling £130.00

Before and After Eyelids Phi-ion Plasma Pen Skin Tightening

Plasma Skin Tightening Therapy

Plasma Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty £299.00

Plasma Lower Eyelids £180.00

Plasma Mouth £150.00

Plasma Skin Tag Removal
Starting from £50.00

Li-Ft Tattoo Removal Before and After 1 Session

Li-Ft Tattoo Removal

Li-FT Tattoo Removal/Lightening Session£150.00


B12 Injections

B12 Injections

Vitamin B12 injection£30.00

New set of brows

 (Microblading / Barely There / Ombre / Powder Brows

Combination brows (Blade and Shade)

£30 extra per treatment  

Included within this, is a free complimentary consultation to discuss the procedure, determine your suitability for this procedure and to discuss your requirements. Pre-consultation advice will be provided as well as information on the aftercare, the expected healing process and recommendations on maintaining the brows.

The 6week top up and suggested colour boost will be discussed so you have a full understand of the entire journey before you commit to the treatment.

Please note aftercare instructions and healing information will also be provided during the main procedure.

During this initial consultation a scratch / patch skin test will be required and this must be carried out at least 24-48 hours prior to your first session.

On the day of the procedure, the brows are measured and designed and checked by you to ensure you are happy. Though our faces are not perfectly symmetrical, every effort is made to create as much symmetry as possible. In the industry a well known phrase is- ‘Brows are Sisters, not Twins’.

Once satisfied, the procedure then takes place.

* Please note that the price for full eyebrow reconstruction will be determined upon evaluation.

Top up

A top up is required around the 6 week mark, once the initial procedure is healed. This top up session is necessary to perfect and refine the brows as everyone heals differently and outcomes will vary.

During this session, pigment is added to the existing hair strokes / brow to ensure colour retention until the recommended colour boost. This session allows for pigment colour to be adjusted if necessary, for areas to be refilled where colour has not held well and for more strokes or density to be added wherever needed.

Top up sessions should not be done much earlier than 6 weeks after the initial session to ensure pigment colour has fully settled into the skin- 5 weeks at a minimum for Microblading, 6 weeks for machine ombre/ powder brows. More importantly, this provides sufficient time for the tissue to fully heal to prevent scar damage.

* Please note, if you fail to attend your top up appointment within 6 weeks or the timeframe provided by your technician,  results will fade and you will be charged at the full rate on your next appointment. 

* Please also note that pigment retention cannot be guaranteed by any Microblading/SPMU Technician, and in some cases a 3rd top up visit may be required. This can be due to the unique qualities of each persons individual’s skin and personal lifestyles and unfortunately this cannot be predetermined. Factors such as sun exposure, medications, oily skin types and certain skincare products can also speed up the fading process, along with poor post procedure aftercare however ways to protect the brows will be discussed in full. This 3rd appointment is charged at the same rate of the initial 6 week top up session. A 3rd top up appointment may also be required if you decided to change the shape of the brows from that agreed and carried out at the initial procedure. This is because the new strokes/areas added at the initial 6 week top up session would then need a 6 week follow up as standard. 

Colour Boost

(Microblading / Barely There / Ombre / Powder)

A colour boost is recommended to keep your brows looking fresh and optimal. This is because the pigment will gradually soften and fade overtime. This is completed in one session. 

Please note, the above price is valid for all colour boosts booked within 14 months of the initial procedure being carried out (18 months for digital brows). Any colour boost booked after this time will be charged at the standard rate for a new set of brows.


It is important that the strokes/pigment is still clearly visible for the technician to see. If the strokes/pigment/shape are too faded, this may be treated at the price of a new procedure and will again require a 6 week top up. 

Due to the unique qualities of each persons individual’s skin and personal lifestyles, it is not possible to guarantee how long your results will last. Pigment can start to fade, on average, anywhere from 6-12 months for micro bladed brows and 1-2 years for digital brows (Barely there brows will faded quicker than Ombre brows. Stronger Ombre brows can last 2 years +).  Fading is usually gradual and natural looking. 

Every persons skin is different however and some skin will retain pigment better than others. Although it tends to be referred to as an ‘annual’ colour boost, some people will require this before, anywhere from 6-12 months, while others may be able to wait 1 year +. It is dependent upon the brow type chosen and the persons immune system and biology. 

Factors such as sun exposure, medications, medical conditions, oily skin types and certain skincare products can also speed up the fading process, along with poor post procedure aftercare. 

* Please note for work previously carried out by another technician, Ibrowink Boutique will need to see and assess the treatment area prior to any booking. If accepted, the price will be determined upon evaluation. Please advise your technician if you have had any microblading or cosmetic tattooing before booking an appointment.   

Terms and Conditions

* Rates are subject to change without notice. This will not affect prior bookings secured via a deposit.

* A non refundable/non-transferable booking fee of £100 is required when booking your procedure. A chosen date and time is then secured and time is allocated specifically to you. This booking fee will be deducted from your final bill which is due on the day of your appointment and must be paid in full. Payment is accepted via Cash, Card Payment or Bank Transfer. Payment must be cleared before the procedure takes place. Cancellations/booking fees are non-refundable. No shows and late cancellations within 72 working hours , will result in the loss of your booking fee and Ibrowink boutique having the right not to accept you as a client for future bookings. An increased booking fee may be taken for any future bookings which are agreed by Ibrowink Boutique.

*Gift Vouchers must be redeemed within 6 months otherwise they will no longer be validated. This also applies to appointments which have been paid in full in advance.  

* Please arrive for your appointment on time as this can affect other scheduled appointments booked in, and can conflict with additional work and childcare commitments held by the technician. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, Ibrowink Boutique reserves the right to cancel your appointment and your deposit may be forfeited.  


*Please note the full price for any new set of brows is split between the inital appointment  and the second ‘top up’ appointment. This is done for convenience to you, as a client. However the full price is payable to Ibrowink Boutique regardless of whether you choose to have (or require) the second top up appointment. Sometimes the brows may heal well and you may not require this second appointment but the full payment is still required. Payment is to be made within 72 hours of your appointment- if no payment is paid within this time Ibrowink Boutique can take necessary measures and also refuse the right to treat you in the future. 

Please note, the 72 working hour cancellation policy applies to ALL appointments including top ups.

"I believe Microblading and Cosmetic Tattooing is an artistic process undertaken together, where we create beautifully individual and natural looking brows bespoke to that individual person."

Amy Pariser

Ibrowink Boutique


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