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What is Microblading?

Microblading and digital / machine brows are both procedures used to create semi permanent brows. It can be confusing to know which brow is which, as there is so much terminology around this. 

In short, Microblading is done using a hand held manual tool, and mimics looking natural hair strokes. It is one of most natural forms of semi permanent cosmetic tattooing.  

Microblading can be referred to as Eyebrow Micropigmentation / Microblading / Feather Stroke Brows / 3D Brows / Eyebrow Embrodiery / Nano Brows / Nanoblading / Hairstroke brows / Blade and Shade brows.

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Semi Permanent Make Up/Cosmetic Tattooing

Microblading falls under the semi permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing spectrum, and is a procedure carried out to enhance or restore a persons eyebrows, mimicking realistic hair strokes for a super natural look. 

It helps to improve or create eyebrow definition, cover gaps of lost hair, extend the eyebrows, or fully reconstruct the brows where they have little/no hair. Sparse or missing brows can be completely restored. 

Microblading originated in Asia and uses a manual hand tool, with specially designed sterile microblades, to deposit semi-permanent pigment under the epidermis of the skin.

Unlike a machine, using the hand held microblade means the colour is deposited closer to the surface, leaving crisp, thin and realistic hair strokes, creating the most beautiful natural looking brows.  

Each stroke is applied individually, allowing control of the shape, colour and density of the brows.

Microblading on average lasts anywhere from 6 months- 1+years. Results vary depending on the persons skin type and biology, including other environmental factors, as such results cannot be guaranteed.

Microblading is usually a 2 stage process (see ‘top up’ info under the price list page).

At the 2nd top up/refresh appointment which is carried out approximately 5-6 weeks later, more pigment is implanted into the hairstrokes including any areas which have been lost or lightened during healing.


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