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Phi-ion Plasma Pen Skin Tightening and Skin Tag Removal

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What is Plasma Therapy / Plasma Skin Tightening?

Plasma technology, is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, which focuses on precise sublimation (on target areas), of the superficial skin layer.

This creates an instant contraction and tightening of the skin fibres to create a lifting, modelling and rejuvenating effect.

It results in increased collagen formation in that specifically treated localised area, thus improving the appearance of lines, wrinkles and tightening loose / saggy skin.

This procedure is in very high demand as people, Celebs and A-listers are now trying to seek for a more natural and safer way to achieve youthfulness.

Skin tag removal is also offered by Ibrowink Boutique and performed with the plasma pen. There is very little downtime to this procedure and aftercare is different to that of the skin tightening. Results are immediate and aftercare is minimal. Price is evaluated upon consultation.

Skin tag removal plasma pen before and after
less invasive, less costly, less risky

Revolutionary plasma method.

Unlike other treatments on the market, results are from your own skin biologically repairing itself and therefore achieved via natural rejuvenation. 

People are now able to improve the appearance of their skin without having to consider higher risk procedures such as going under the knife, laser treatment, or having toxins (botox) / filler injected into them. 

The Phi-ion Plasma pen therefore boasts in its benefits, being less invasive, less costly, less risky, and with minimal to no downtime.

This revolutionary plasma method is based upon the creation of a series of minute dots, strategically placed, adjacent to the tension lines of the area being treated.

These dots are formed using a Phi-ion Plasma pen, which works by ionising the atmospheric air to create a plasma energy/charge between the tip of the pen and the skin, resulting in vapourisation of the skin tissue, a process called sublimation.

The needle used during treatment never penetrates skin tissue but causes controlled sublimation of the skin to restore the skin’s natural elasticity. This process tightens the area without causing any damage to the underlying or adjacent tissues. The Phi-ion Plasma pen can therefore be precise in its work and focus on specific areas of the face and body.  

natural rejuvenation

Phi-ion Plasma Pen results can include:

– Non surgical blepharoplasty- Results in the lifting, tightening and rejuvenation of saggy, loose, wrinkled or hooded lower and upper eyelids.

– Under eye / lower eyelid rejuvenation and tightening

– Tightening, lifting and rejuvenation of lines and wrinkles on the face and body to diminish their appearance. Popular areas include smokers lines, marionette lines, crows feet, forehead wrinkles, frown lines between the eyes, cheeks and the preauricular areas ( in front of the ear).

– Skin tag removal

Plasma treatment is not just limited to these areas however, other areas of the body can be treated including the navel.

Benefits of Phi-ion Plasma Therapy over over other treatments:

  • Short healing time
  • Minimal downtime(24hours)
  • Minimal discomfort during and post-treatment
  • Minimal risk
  • Minimal to no side effects
  • Less costly than surgery
  • Natural skin repair
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  • Non-Surgical Eyelid lift (Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty) – Eyes from £299 per session.Price is dependent upon eyelids so please enquire for exact costings. 
  • Areas of the Face/Body-From £180 per area/per session.
  • Skin tag removal is performed with the plasma pen and price is evaluated upon consultion. Prices start from £50.00

A FREE consultation will be completed prior to any booking. Here, exact pricing will be confirmed as everyone’s skin and requirements largely vary).

Included in this price:

  • Consultation
  • Pre advice
  • Phi-ion Plamsa treatment (please note the duration of each appointment will vary depending on what area/s are being treated).
  • Soothing and calming vitamin mask (dependent upon the area treated)
  • Post advice


If you’re interested in learning more about what the plasma pen can do for you or to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch. No question is to silly or too small.

Please note – Results on average, can be expected to last around 9/12 months, however this is very dependent upon the person’s own skin type and the natural re-ageing of the treated area. Also genetics and environmental factors. As such, results and time frames cannot be guaranteed.  Many see noticeable results after just one session, however the procedure can be repeated for optimal results after a 4 month period, if required (same prices apply).

Skin tag removal plasma pen before and after
Cheeks plasma pen before and after pic
Eye socket plasma pen before and after
Eyelid plasma pen before and after
not for everyone

Suitability for the treatment / Contraindications

Please refer to ‘Suitability for the treatment / Contraindications’ under the Microneedling page. Some of the contradictions may not specifically relate to the Phi-ion Plasma procedure so answering yes doesn’t automatically mean you are unsuitable to have this procedure.

As with many cosmetic procedures, the Phi-ion Plasma pen treatment should not be performed on any anyone under the age of 18 even with a consent form, nor any person who is pregnant or breastfeeding.

Although some darker skin types are suitable for this ‘soft surgery’ procedure, it is not advised for those with very dark skin. This is because there is a higher risk of hyperpigmentation (dark spots) or hypopigmentation (light spots) following treatment, particularly if the carbon crusts are disturbed by scratching, rubbing or picking

A full consultation will be completed prior to any booking. Here, exact pricing will be confirmed as everyone’s skin and requirements vary.

Plasma Pen Forehead before and after pic
Eye socket plasma pen before and after
Little downtime.

Post Treatment:

Plasma therapy has been shown to be a safe treatment due to its non-invasive nature. The majority of patients experience very minor side effects in the first few days, if any, following treatment.

Following treatment, minute dots will be visible on the area treated. Over the course of a few days, these yellow/brown coloured markings will start healing, creating minor scabbing (carbon crusts). After approximately 5-10 days, these will fall off naturally, revealing new pinkish skin beneath. Some swelling may be experienced (more so in cases of eyelid treatment), but it is likely to only last 2-3 days at the most. 

For other areas this is usually much less, if experienced at all. There is little downtime, other than keeping that specific area dry and makeup free until all scabbing has naturally fallen off. 


It is important not to pick the scabs prematurely and to protect the skin with a high sun factor (factor 50) once all scabbing has gone. 

This is required for 4 months post treatment, as new pink fresh regenerating skin will be visable which will gradually disappear over the course of a few weeks/months depending upon the persons skin.

Individual post treatment care will however be discussed with you in full, at your consultation and again during your appointment. An aftercare sheet will also be provided to you to take home.  It is important that you follow the aftercare regime recommended to you by your practitioner to avoid risks such as hyperpigmentation.

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* Rates are subject to change without notice. This will not affect prior bookings secured via a deposit.

* A non refundable/non-transferable deposit of £100 is required when booking your procedure. A chosen date and time is then secured and my time is allocated specifically to you. This deposit will be deducted from your final bill which is due on the day of your appointment and must be paid in full. Payment is accepted via Cash, Card Payment or Bank Transfer. Payment must be cleared before the procedure takes place. Cancellations are non-refundable.

* Please arrive for your appointment on time as this can affect other scheduled appointments booked in, and can conflict with additional work and childcare commitments held by the technician. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, Ibrowink Boutique reserves the right to cancel your appointment and your deposit may be forfeited.


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